Walks in and around Bath

I love walking. There’s no better way to explore a city’s streets and hidden corners, or to become absorbed into the countryside as you cross it. It’s the most environmentally-sound and sustainable way to travel, and walking pace is a true slow travel experience, where you can fully take in and participate in the world around you while improving your own well-being.

During lockdowns, there were times when walking became the only feasible, safe or permitted means of getting around. I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of walking old countryside routes from village to village, in the footsteps of our predecessors who had few other options. And during the pandemic, walking down into the heart of Bath to queue for groceries in an otherwise ghostly city was a truly memorable experience, with an equally timeless feel. And taking increasingly long walks around the beautiful city, peopled only with residents exercising or shopping, and almost empty of traffic, was, despite the circumstances, a way of seeing the architecture and street layout with fresh eyes, of really appreciating the beauty of Georgian Bath as it was conceived by its developers, and connecting to the city and the landscape around it.

Empty Bath during lockdown in 2020
Bath in lockdown: the city as it’s rarely seen

I’m working on a selection of walks, with directions and photos, that will help visitors to see the best of the city and its countryside, enjoying sights and experiences that might otherwise be missed. In Bath, this will help the reader to find a few less-known routes and corners, and to give context and shape to exploring the landmarks. Themed walks will offer the chance to experience a particular aspect of the city. In my favourite countryside, to the south of Bath, I suggest routes connecting villages and sights and passing through attractive and varied scenery, all accessible on foot or by public transport from the centre of Bath.

Bath seen from the fields of Bathwick Hill
Bath seen from the fields of Bathwick Hill, on my Prior Park Landscape & Skyline variant walk

Obviously time-consuming, this is a labour of love. When in the area and free of other commitments I will add to the walks collection and make updates if possible. In case you follow and enjoy any of my routes and descriptions, I will add a donation link to the page foot – ‘tipping’ me the price of a coffee (as little as £1) will help me to keep the website online and maintain it. Thank you, and happy walking!

City walks – Urban walks around Bath’s streets and parks. Suitable for anyone of moderate fitness, but there are some uphills.

Country walks – Exploring the green countryside south of Bath including part of the Cotswolds National Landscape Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Combining city and countryside – As well as serious full-day countryside walks, Bath also offers scenic rambles from the city centre which give a taste of the green areas on the edge of the city, and are ideal if you’re on a city break and would like to get away from the streets into nature and fresh air for a couple of hours, without embarking on a hike into the heart of the countryside.

Footpath through dry stone wall
Permissive footpath through fields on the edge of Bath